I’m back!

5 01 2010

This blog is opening back up again! Hooray! Throughout the week, this site will be under construction. Stay tuned for more information. Leave a comment below.


Writers on strike for the simpsons

27 12 2007

As some of you has noticed there has nit been new simpsons episodes in weeks!Well they will be back soon but the writers for it are going on strike at the momment.They think they need more money to work on the show and they will not start making new episodes till the writers get what they want.

So the Simpsons will be back in a bit.Im not sure yet thougth so stay tuned!Also im sorry we stopped posting.

Awesome news!

28 11 2007

We already posted about the game and movie but this good. The simpsons movie comes out in blu-ray and regular version Dec. 18! I’m getting it the first day it comes out!

New page

17 11 2007

Hello simpsons fans! there is a brand new page oon our site called favorite. check out soon and also we have a new header!

Thats all for now -chuckle

New episode Sunday!

11 11 2007


As you can see above there is going to be a new episode of the simpsons coming up Sunday! it will be starring jack black also so that will be cool! Also on our game page we have 2 brand new games.also we have more quizs coming and this site is becoming pretty popular but please if you can tell everybody you know about thesimpsonsgame.wordpress.com and stay tuned to this site because it is updated alot! thats all for now!

A Cool new xbox360! Simspons verison!

11 11 2007

I found out they are making a simpons xbox360. here is a image what it looks like rigth here. Also I have the simpons game on Psp now!! It is very fun! thats all for now!


7 11 2007

 In the simpsons game for nintendo ds you have your own pet homer! You can feed him, make him drink beer, play with him, and even more. I don’t like nintendo ds’s that much but this game would be pretty fun. You can also play as all the main characters and fight through 25 years of gaming. The simpsons game for ds is very different from the game on other consoles but still pretty much alike. So keep telling people about thesimpsonsgame.wordpress.com